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suspect in this case, got into an argument earlier in the day. 3:15 in the back of the football field, right over here on the other side of that fence, that's when one of the students shot the other student. and this was on school grounds. now, police arrested the suspect a short time. they swarmed the area, found the suspect. investigators also tell me they recovered a weapon out here. although they're not saying what that weapon was. i must also point out that kia henderson with the d.c. chancellor of schools, she has a lot to tell us about. let's hear what she has to say. >> i do want to reiterate that this seems to be an isolated incident between these two young people. and so i want our parents to be clear that there will be counselors on hand tomorrow to help the other young people who experienced this situation, to process what happened. but that we will have additional staff members up here.
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but that our parents should feel safe sending their children to coolidge tomorrow. >> reporter: that was the chancellor of d.c. public schools. she told me this was an isolated incident. right after this happened, i talked to some parents, as you can understand, they were very upset about this, and i got permission to talk to one of the students. let's hear from her. >> i was at school. and i heard that we couldn't leave because of the shooting. and i didn't know -- well, i heard somebody got shot, that's all i heard. >> what was your reaction when the school went on lockdown? >> i got scared. it was like, who got shot and stuff. it was like random. because it just came out of the blue. >> reporter: came out of the blue, and that's what people are saying out here. they're questioning who got shot. well, we do know that the victim in this case is a student. we do know he was conscious. he's breathing. at this particular point appears to be okay. i'm sure investigators will be talking to him to find out more information about this. keep in mind the suspect is in custody and police will be
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questioning him as well. live here in northwest d.c. at coolidge high school, shomari stone. a mess on metro's busy red line this morning after power failures brought two trains to halt. >> the first happened at 8:00 this morning. passengers had to be offloaded. then one hour later, another power failure. that stalled a train with 1,000 passengers on it at the tinley town station. the big question remains, what caused these failures. darcy spencer is live in tenley town with the latest on the investigation. and how well the trains are running this evening. >> reporter: yeah, trains are running just fine. no problems. but there is a concern that there could be additional power problems. here at the tenley station, there were possibly 1,000 people stuck down in the tunnel this morning for more than an hour before they could get out. metro still hasn't figured out the problem behind these power
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failures. how would you describe your experience today? >> miserable. >> reporter: annie took this photo as she waited in a dark tunnel near the tenley station for more than an hour. she was stuck with 800 to 1,000 other red line riders this morning when the third rail lost power here. >> how late were you? >> two hours. >> two hours late to work? >> i got in at 11:00. >> reporter: metro officials say there were two outages on the red line this morning. the first happened around 8:00 a.m. 60 people were offloaded and put on shuttle buses. an hour later, the failure at tenley. metro officials still don't know the cause. >> it's possible that they're connected. we don't have a root cause just yet. >> reporter: metro officials say once the circuit breakers were set, the power came back on. they're still trying to figure out if it was a power surge or something else that blew the breakers. the officials were prepared to evacuate but decided it was safer to keep the hundreds of
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passengers in place. >> it was very crowded. a lot of people seemed to be going into panic mode. you could tell some people might have been experiencing a panic attack. >> reporter: metro officials are working to make the system more enjoyable for riders. >> between 8:00 and 10:00, you were affected. we apologize for that. >> reporter: mornings like this that make some like annie think about driving to work. >> if this keeps continuing, it's like what are we paying for, you know? >> reporter: metro officials, again, because they don't know what caused the problems, they can't guarantee that it won't happen again. so they say they have additional staff, personnel out there on standby in case there are additional problems. and they can get to them right away. reporting live from the tenley metro station, darcy spencer, news4. a large crash and explosion startles a homeowner in cleveland park. he called pepco when he figured out where the noise came from. now police are involved in what
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they say was a burglary attempt. pat collins is outside the home on 35th street northwest. pat, what have you learned? >> reporter: jim, a guy wants to break into the house. he notices that the house has a burglar alarm system. so what does he do? he yanks the electric meter off the side of the house. police trying to extract fingerprints from an electrical meter. hoping to find a suspect in a broad daylight burglary with high-risk, high-voltage consequences. it happened at a home at 35th and quebec streets northwest. first came a blackout. then came a boom. downstairs came the homeowner, off went the suspect. broad daylight? >> yeah. >> reporter: home working on your book? >> unusual in this neighborhood. but that's the times we live in. >> reporter: the victim, allen, a noted professor and author of
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book reviewer for npr. he was writing upstairs in his cleveland park home when all of a sudden it happened. >> the power went off. then i heard this huge bang, which i took to be some kind of electrical explosion. i came running downstairs. the door had been -- what i thought blown open at the time. >> reporter: he finds his electric meter on his front porch. the door to his house off the hinge. he thinks it's some sort of electrical explosion. enter pepco. they find that that little meter security lock has been tampered with. foul play. enter the police. they determine it's a burglar, a burglar who took that meter off the wall in an effort to dismantle and disable the burglar alarm. enter the police dog. he searches the place to make sure everything is safe.
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pepco says disconnecting a meter can have dire consequences. >> it could be a danger of electrocution. anytime you're dealing with electrical equipment and not qualified to do so, that is the risk that you take. >> reporter: nothing taken, no one hurt. by the way, i should tell you, that burglar alarm has a battery backup. but since someone was home, they didn't activate the alarm. live in cleveland park, pat collins, news4. local swim coach rick curl has been banned from the sport for life now after accusations that he molested a swimmer back in the 1980s. curl waved his right to appear before swimming's national board of review today and was immediately banned. a former swimmer named kelly davis kerin came forward recently and said curl began molesting her when she was just 13. she said she received a $150,000 payment from curl years ago in exchange for not telling police
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the details. rick curl was a founder of the curl burk swim club but he is no longer affiliated with it. in the presidential race, the latest on the war of words over remarks made by mitt romney and president obama. today paul ryan campaigned in danville, virginia, saying that the republican ticket is focused on reducing any dependence on government. the comment's part of an effort to refocus some of romney's remarks that were secretly recorded in may and released this week. ryan also hit back with an audiotape released yesterday from 1998. when barack obama was an illinois state senator. mr. obama made remarks that indicated he was in favor of at least some redistribution of wealth. >> president obama said that he believes in redistribution. mitt romney and i are not running to redistribute the wealth. mitt romney and i are running to
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help americans create wealth. >> they were so desperate to change the subject, from their candidate writing off half of the american people, that they dug up a 14-year-old video that -- in which then senator obama talks about the radical notion that we can make government more effective to promote opportunity. >> president obama's campaign secretary made those remarks today on andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. a programming note for you. senate candidates are facing off live on nbc 4 tomorrow. their debate co-sponsored by the fairfax chamber of commerce at noon in mclean. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey and news4 anchor aaron gilchrist are the panelists and david gregory will be moderating. get ready for a chilly night tonight. >> we've got a couple of those chilly nights out there over the next couple of days.
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wait until you see the forecast here. out there right now, 72 degrees. the coolest sunny afternoon in more than three months. winds right now out of the west at about five miles per hour. a very, very nice afternoon, feeling very fall-like across our region. satellite and radar showing the cold front now well off the coastline. that's good news for us, meaning plenty of sunshine and clear skies. that will also mean a very cool night tonight. through your morning, let's head down to fairfax county. springfield area, look at temperatures around 69 degrees at 7:00. 60 by 11:00. waking up to a temperature of 51 there. many of you will once again be in the 40s. and that's not the coolest night in the seven-day forecast. i've got that forecast coming up. jim? >> see you then, doug. thank you. maryland health officials tonight have shut down a cosmetic surgery center. this after a patient died from a severe infection. two other liposuctions patient
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at the monarch medspa also developed infections. the procedures took place between august and mid-september. health officials tell us patients who had a procedure there recently and are concerned about an infection should contact their doctors. all lanes along columbia pike are back open tonight after that water main break this morning that happened just before 3:30 in the 4300 block of south columbia pike. they were closed between george mason and four mile run for most of the day. that break did not affect water service to the area, however. when we come right back, the sting that took down a mail carrier who was stealing what he was supposed to be delivering. and there is new optimism that metro riders will be able to get home after the play-off games that are played at nats park. from the streets to the kennedy center stage, we'll meet the man starring in an opera
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here in d.c. who overcame some huge obstacles to achieve success. new concerns about food safety. the elevated arsenic levels in rice pro
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there is new concern tonight about what's in our food. "consumer reports" says it found troubling levels of arsenic in rice products, including baby cereal. the rice industry insists its products are healthy and safe. as nbc's erica edwards reports, the government is now investigating. >> reporter: scientists tested more than 200 of the most popular brands of rice products. from kellogg's to gerber infant
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see yacereal. >> these are moderate to moderately high levels of arsenic. >> reporter: a known carcinogen. it's unclear whether the alts would have any health impact but high enough levels over time could lead to several types of cancer. the food and drug administration does not regulate arsenic levels in food, only drinking water. the agency has begun its own investigation. preliminary data show levels as high as "consumer reports" but with wide variations from product to product. >> we really need to look at what is the nature and extent of the problem. >> reporter: the problem begins where rice grows, in wet fields. that makes it easier for rice to absorb arsenic that occurs naturally in soil. 85% of the rice americans consume is grown in this country. >> look, we believe rice is safe. >> reporter: the usa rice federation says it's working
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with the fda to examine arsenic levels but warns the product has been feeding billions of people for thousands of years. >> there have never been any scientific studies that positively link rice consumption and adverse health effects. >> reporter: many experts are waiting to recommend any change in dietary habits until more studies until the link can be completed. yesterday we were practically under water. >> tonight it's going to be a one dog night. >> and you were talking about how you woke up this morning freezing because you had the windows open. >> i had to go find my cats, stuff them under the covers. >> your cats? how many cats -- okay. >> it takes a lot. >> tmi. let's move on. what's happening out there. it's going to be another very cool night out there tonight. not just that, we're looking at temperatures that are going to be down into the low 40s in many
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areas. out there right now, just gorgeous. once again, a very fall-like afternoon. 72 degrees. that's the high so far today. our average high is 78. so we are well below average. right now, winds only out of the north about 5 miles per hour. making it feel just a little bit cooler. temperatures 64 in winchester. already down to 64 here. 67 in martinsburg. if we're already this cool, you know where we're heading. as far as the rain is concerned, no rain, after all, the rain we saw yesterday, one to four inches of rain across parts of the area. some locations picking up close to five inches. we're beginning to dry out in the next couple of days. our jet stream pattern has a deep trough of low pressure here. deep trough in the middle part of the country. very chilly. mild across the south. and it will be mild over the next couple of days for us. but then another front will move through this weekend, and that's going to allow this chilly air to move right into our region,
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starting on sunday. and into monday. we're going to be quite cool tonight. i think we'll be even cooler during the afternoon or morning hours next monday and maybe next tuesday. we've got some chilly air that's going to be making its way in here. temperatures will be below average over the next seven days. mostly clear tonight. 61 to 65. you'll need the jacket, but again, it's going to be beautiful. temperatures tl morning, very cool. a cool start. yes, the jackets will be needed. 41 to 54 degrees with light winds. through the day tomorrow, we see a great day. 73 to about 77. a little bit warmer than today. tomorrow should absolutely be gorgeous. as we move through the next couple of days, a high of 80 on friday. warming up towards saturday. a high of 84 on saturday. we will see a chance of thunderstorms late in the day. then on sunday, looking much cooler. 71 on sunday. only 53 monday morning. many areas down to around 40 degrees. but nice weather coming in. and check this out, guys, on
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saturday, well, of course, fall begins at 10:49 in the morning. >> oh, that's right. >> a very warm day but there will be a chance for showers. interesting the first day of fall is actually the warmest day in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, doug. when we come back, a mail carrier arrested. police used a sting to catch a guy suspected of stealing from d.c. residents. and going veg, evolving clientele has restaurants changing the menus a bit. in sports tonight, one red skin is receiving death threats after a mistake he made in sunday's game.
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so, this is ridiculous.
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death threats, really? >> yeah. >> this is where social media gets a little out of control. it's just a game, folks. a rough couple of days for josh morgan, fined for unsportsman-like controversy. he was penalized for throwing the ball in retaliation at cortland finnegan. shortly afterwards fans took to twitter, threatening morgan and his family. >> what are you hearing in the criticism? >> i heard everything. especially when they got to twitter and started sending the death threats and wishing bad on your family and first born and stuff like that. you see it all, hear it all. you got no choice but to see it all or hear it all. you never let it get to you, especially me being from d.c. they treated me like they did kyle williams last year when they dropped the punt from the giants. >> on twitter? >> it's all over my twitter.
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>> did it make you want to get off twitter? >> not at all. it kept me, like i said, motivated, kept me focused. >> did you respond to them? >> not at all. you're not supposed to respond. you're supposed to respond by your actions and that's what i'm going to do. >> the redskins security will investigate the issue. morgan obviously did not seem too worried about the threats. talking baseball now. after getting rained out yesterday, perfect weather this afternoon at nats park. game one of the doubleheader against the dodgers in progress. the nats getting closer to officially locking up a play-off spot. let's go downtown. jordan zimmerman, one win in his last six starts. they need zimmerman to pitch well. he started strong. bottom two, his catcher batting with two on, one out. suzuki, dare i say, gives this one a ride. deep to center field. it's terrible. can't take it back, though, too late. michael morris score.
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nats take a 1-0 lead. top three, zim gives it right back. ramirez to right center. ethier comes in to tie the game at 1. right now, we are still knotted at 1 in the fourth inning. if you want to see some baseball, go on down to nationals park. secondheader to start about 7:05. coming up next, the nats play-off prospect, there's a problem. will fans have a ride home from the late games? tonight, maybe a solution. plus, a plan to alleviate the annoying bottle neck at the american league bridge. it's a long way from living on the street to performing as a singer at the kennedy center. this is chris gordon. ahead, i'll talk to a man who made the transition, and is now
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still developing at this hour, a student at coolidge high school in northwest d.c. is recovering after being shot in the leg on school grounds. it happened outside just near the football field as school was letting out about 3:15. police and school officials are describing it as an isolated incident between two students. both in their late teens. and school officials tell us this began earlier in the school day. >> our understanding is there was a verbal altercation earlier in the day. and that one student left the building, came back at dismissal and that is when the shooting happened outside of the building. >> police tell us the victim was conscious and alert and should be okay. the suspect tonight is in custody. let's shift to storm center4 for an update. >> a beautiful day out there ro right now. take a lookside.
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100% sunshine. all right, 98%, because there are a few clouds out there. but other than that, simply gorgeous. take a look at these numbers across the region right now. and across the mid-atlantic. temperatures here 72 degrees. back to the west, only 62 in pittsburgh. very chilly air continuing to move in. we're in for a chilly night tonight. you'll need a jacket as you step outside tomorrow. the rest of the forecast coming up. new developments in that dispute over who's going to pay for the extra metro rail service if the nationals make the play-offs and the games run late. tom sherwood has an update that might help calm nervous fans as the tickets go on sale this week. >> wendy, thousands of fans ride metro to the games, but now there may be a way to settle this dispute about how they get home. >> high five somebody up here. >> reporter: in august, hundreds of fans were stuck at the stadium when a week day game went past metro's midnight
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closing. the nationals don't put up $30,000 deposits to cover late train service if ridership is weak. it doesn't plan to do so for any of the play-off games. tickets go on sale this week. mayor vincent gray said the city is working on a solution, but won't yet commit city funds. >> we're working to try to find the most responsible solution. obviously with sensitivity to the people who will go to the games. i know we'll get to a constructive solution. i wish we could spend some time talking about the fact that this will be the first time since 1810 that the washington baseball team has been in any kind of a play-offs. >> reporter: jack evans, a big booster of the stadium, has personally guaranteed fans won't be stuck. but he offers no details yet. >> when i get the final decision made by all the parties, i'll have more information. right now i can't really comment on that, other than it will happen. >> reporter: sources tell news4 that the funds guarantee could
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come from a half a million dollar account. >> i'm guaranteeing that the metro will be open so that everyone who attends a play-off game can get home. >> evans says it would be a public relations nightmare for the city and baseball if fans get stuck again. jim? >> tom, thank you. the most congested highway in the entire washington region is getting the attention of lawmakers from fairfax and montgomery counties. you know it well, the american legion bridge that crosses the potomac and connects the two counties. county officials have written a letter to their state transportation departments. the lawmakers are asking state officials to find out if shoulder lanes on the bridge could be used as bus and car pool lanes. >> there are ways that shoulders can be used, that is happening in certain places. and it's something we should explore. >> we have given this to our
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state transportation leaders. we don't feel we have a lot of good options. we feel this is the best of the few bad options, but we need to do something. >> a study done back in 2009 estimates that widening the bridge and the beltway would cost at least $800 million. a d.c. postal worker is charged with stealing people's mail. federal authorities have arrested 48-year-old ronald pretlow. according to the "washington examiner," the investigation started after customers in the petworth and brightwood neighborhoods complained they were missing cards and packages. the examiner reports that agents used test letters with gift cards inside. those cards were used. agents also used some test letters with cash, and tracking devices. they reportedly arrested the postal worker after seeing him throw out a bag of opened mail. the largest bike sharing program in the country has
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officially spread to alexandria. capitol bike share which lets people pick up and drop off bikes at 175 locations in our area, now includes eight new stations in alexandria. they were officially launched this morning. capitol bike share now has almost 700 bikes available. >> you see them everywhere. >> that is a really great successful program. that's a good thing. when we come right back on news4 at 5:00, dozens wake up to flames engulfing their baltimore apartment building, leaving one mother to make a split-second decision that likely saved her children. eating vegan has never been so easy. chefs who always specialize in meat, they're expanding their
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our wednesday's child this week can teach us all that you don't have to be able to see or speak to understand the feelings of love. >> barbara harrison introduces
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us to justin, a wonderful young man who social workers say has a lot of love to share. >> hi, justin. hi. how are you? >> reporter: meet justin. a terrific 9-year-old who, although he can neither see nor speak, can hear and respond with loads of energy. >> he is a vivacious young man, as you see. he's energetic, he's loving, he has a beautiful smile. he is visually impaired and he's nonverbal, but he reacts to sounds and he loves classical music. >> reporter: justin seems to enjoy learning. he works with a number of tools meant to help him one day be able to communicate. >> they're doing speech with him, doing sign language. we expect him to do a whole lot of wonderful things with his life. listen to that. justin definitely responds to music. and to the sounds of voices that are kind and loving with him.
5:40 pm
>> we're hoping that he will be able to speak. he can hear. and they're teaching him sign language so he can sign his needs to others. >> reporter: he loves being with people. and interacting with them. >> he knows what you're saying. and he does whatever you're asking him to do. >> justin, do you want to sit with me? do you think there's room for both of us? there we are. hey. we're sitting together on the ball. justin needs a family to love him. and help him to be the best that he can be. barbara harrison, news4, for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for justin, or another child waiting, please call our special adoption hotline, and you can also go to our home page his voice took him from the streets to the kennedy center stage. >> meet the man who overcame his
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past to star in don giovanni. new evidence out that
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he grew up on the streets, witnessed a murder before the age of 10. but d.c. native solomon howard used his voice to turn his life around. >> we love this story. howard is a classical opera singer, and he'll be lending his voice to the revival of don giovanni down at the kennedy center. chris gordon is here now. you've got the personal story. >> this is amazing you found this man, and what a story you have to tell. >> we'll let the viewers decide. we do like this story. as soon as you hear his voice, you may think he was born to be an opera star. not so. he came from humble beginnings. he says he was more likely to be the victim of violence on the streets of washington than to be on the stage at the kennedy
5:45 pm
center. ♪ solomon howard plays a pivotal role in the revival of don giovanni at the kennedy center. howard grew up only a few miles away in a poor family. >> in southeast d.c. so grew up seeing rough things. neighborhoods that were very bad. i witnessed my first murder when i was about 7. >> reporter: howard was the oldest of seven children. despite his family's best efforts, they lost their home. >> stayed with families, sometimes walked the streets until we could find something. ate off of the food trucks, salvation army. there was a lot that i was -- that i had gone through as a child. and i believe that a lot of these things, the experiences have made me stronger. ♪
5:46 pm
>> reporter: he started singing at the age of 3. >> most of my experience was in the church. and most of my opportunities did come through like sacred music. so it was like the church that helped me get to where i am today. >> reporter: it was a local high schoolteacher that recognized his talent, which he then developed at morgan state university, where he was given a full scholarship to sing in the choir and travel the world. and now he's performing at the kennedy center, hoping that his hardships growing up will inspire others. >> i feel like every youngster back in that area, by seeing and witnessing what i've gone through, and where i am now, it encourages them that they also, they, too, have that opportunity to transcend from to the next level. >> solomon howard is now 31 years old. he has a 10-year-old daughter who lives in north carolina. i asked him what he wants to achieve now that he's moved from
5:47 pm
the street to the stage. he says he wants a stable life that balances his family and his career. >> is he ever afraid he'll lose it all and go back to that? >> he said fear is a great motivator. you have to learn how to save. and he said that what he wants to do now is give back and share. >> with that voice, something tells me he will be on stage for the rest of his life. >> a bass basso profundo. >> only 31. that's what's so amazing. >> great. very cool. all right. doug kammerer, try to top that voice from the weather center. >> are you asking me to sing? >> go ahead. >> no, we're asking you not to sing. >>. ♪ -- >> no. one time i'll do it for you, but it won't be in front of everybody else. 72 degrees right now. winds only 5 miles an hour. a very cool 72 degrees. wait until you see where the numbers are going to be overnight tonight. out there right now, 69 in
5:48 pm
rockville, 66 in reston and gaithersburg. already a very cool evening. no rain to talk about. we won't see any rain anytime soon. what we'll see are the cool numbers. down to around 40 degrees in frederick, 42 in martinsburg and 44 in culpepper. fall begins on saturday. but it's going to feel very fall-like during the morning tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, gorgeous, abundant sunshine. highs in the 70s. 74 in martinsburg. 77 down towards fredericksburg. through the next couple of days, we'll continue to see cool nights. 60 degrees on your friday morning. but a high of 80. 84 on saturday. a chance of a shower, maybe a thunderstorm that would be very late in the day on saturday. sunday and monday, chilly. especially overnight low temperatures. some areas may even approach upper 30s. we'll talk more about that at 6:00. more competition tonight in the smartphone market. did jesus have a wife? and lindsay lohan's back in
5:49 pm
trouble. here's what's trending today. microsoft is getting a little boost in the smartphone market. today htc unveiled two new phones that will take the company's first to include windows 8. the 8-x accord and 8-s rio will compete with newly launched windows devices by knockno noki samsung. a question, was jesus married? the last line written on the fourth century paper reads, and jesus said, my wife. the professor claims this is the only existing text where jesus refers to being married. the ink is being tested to confirm its authenticity. another run-in with police for lindsay lohan. officers arrested the 26-year-old actress this morning in new york. she's accused of tapping a pedestrian with her car and then leaving the scene. but law enforcement officials say now they're waiting on the pedestrian's medical records to determine whether her vehicle actually hit him.
5:50 pm
lohan's publicist issued a statement today calling the incident shall ado about nothing. a local restaurant that specializes in wild game and big hunks of meat is offering a four-course vegan menu this week to show that vegan cuisine can be exciting. more restaurants are making room for vegans on the menus these day as dietary restrictions become mainstream. >> meat dominates our menus making it tough for vegans to dine out. cedar restaurant is showing vegans some love this week. by offering a four-course menu designed just for them. this from a chef who specializes in wild game. >> what we thought would be fun was to completely turn that around from the wild game and the big meaty dishes, and do vegan. >> reporter: vaegan is showing p on the radar these days. the number of the vegan patrons is growing. >> a couple of years ago we
5:51 pm
might have a very small percentage of our business with vegans. now on any given day it could be 5% to 10% of our daily business. >> is that a lot? >> that's a lot. >> reporter: as a result, car mine's has a menu devoted to vegans and vegetarians. >> i just pull out a couple of ingredients that we can make a pretty good vegetarian or vegan dish without doing too much work. >> reporter: and the ingredients you pull out matter. vegetarians don't eat meat or fish. vegans don't eat dairy or eggs either. so no cream, and no cheese. but that doesn't mean a vegan diet is boring. chef mccloud at cedar says the public has a misconception. >> vegans don't just eat to fu. >> reporter: a market allows him to go hog wild, so to speak, with the vegan offerings.
5:52 pm
even vegetables can have a meaty feel. >> we'll have several types of mushrooms, and marinated in such a way it will be sort of reminiscent of eating a nice big steak. >> reporter: dietary restrictions are becoming more prevalent in our culture. some have to abstain because of allergies. vegans may do it for animal rights. or like former president bill clinton, they just find the vegan diet is better for their health. in a world of shrinking resources and expanding waistlines, being mindful of what we eat can be powerful. and more restaurants are giving us a chance to explore our options. cedar is offering its regular menu, but it also offers the four-course vegan menu in addition to that. a lot of restaurants are offering vegan menus these days. find a list on our website at if you're thinking about vegan or vegetarianism, the vegfest is this saturday at the yards near
5:53 pm
the nats stadium. i'll be there all day because i'm emceeing the event. really good celebrities and stuff down there who are vegans. and chefs and stuff. it's really cool. >> you might have some converts after that. that looks incredible. >> the menu at cedar's really looks beautiful. >> we needed some samples. >> yes, we did. after the break, much more ahead on news4 at 5:00, a terrifying wakeup call for a family trapped in an apartment building. coming up, why residents are calling baltimore firefighters heroes tonight. at 6:00, just minutes away, we'll be live with breaking news on that shooting at coolidge high school.
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5:57 pm
at a baltimore complex today, apartment complex, several residents woke up to a two-alarm fire early this morning. the blaze sent at least seven people to hospitals. >> some people were left with no choice but to jump. >> reporter: the fire broke out just before 4:00 this morning here at the parkside garden apartment complex in northeast baltimore. and victims describe flames shooting from all three floors of this building. >> there was a lot of flames coming out of there. i heard people screaming. >> he was asleep. >> reporter: absolutely terrifying moments for young mother felicia. she was one of several parkside garden residents who had to climb out of their windows to escape the overnight fire. she was trying to save the lives of her 3-year-old son and 5-month-old baby. >> i had to climb out the bedroom window. it was horrible. it was horrible. i was scared. i didn't know what to do. i got out. >> we just see the fire was
5:58 pm
inside. and we opened the door and we came back. >> we had firefighters actually rescue several people from the rear of the building. and at this point in time, we have transported approximately seven people to area hospitals. two of them were in very serious condition. the other ones are moderate and minor. >> reporter: fire officials say a child is one of the two facing life-threatening injuries. there's no word if any of the victims are related, or just how many people are affected by the fire. they were 12 units in the portion of the building that burned. one resident said as bad as this was, the fire could have been worse, calling firefighters heroes. >> the firefighters was fighting the fire. and i have to give them credit. they used serious teamwork. they was really doing their job. >> reporter: neighborhood services is on the scene assisting the victims. they'll be finding living arrangements for all of the
5:59 pm
victims. coming up at 6:00, breaking news on the shooting at coolidge high. a blackout, and a burglary at the home of a well-known author. cartoons fuel more fury for muslims. now schools and embassies are being shut down. back-to-back power problems on metro stranded hundreds of riders today. the trains are moving now, but a lot of people are still wondering why it happened. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. breaking news, an argument at a d.c. school may have led to an after-school shooting. it happened about 3:00 this afternoon at coolidge high school in northwest washington. one teenager was shot and is expected to survive, one suspect in custody. shomari stone has what happened on campus. >> reporter: we're hearing there was an argument earlier in the day. when school let out around 3:15, that's when this shooting happened. the yellow tape is down. thene
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